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I love this book; it’s a work of art. Part adventure story, part photo essay, part recipe book, and all gorgeous, Forks: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, and Connection lives in a category by itself.Steve FarberBestselling Author & Leadership Speaker
Read his Syria story and you’ll cry … cook the Brazillian moqueca and you’ll be fighting off the dinner guests … flip through the beautiful photos and you’ll be planning your next adventure.Johanna ReadTravelEater
Allan Karl triggered plenty of nervous exhaustion in his friends and family when he decided to take a trip around the world on his BMW GS, alone. Most were sure that if he wasn’t killed or kidnapped he’d at least get sick or hurt at some point down the line, and what would he do then? Karl was unfazed by such worry, and he upped the stakes even higher when he quit his job at the company he founded and sold off most of what he owned to make the trip a reality. There was no turning back.Byron WilsonMotorcycle-USA
This is not your ordinary travel memoir, as you will learn in this interview. Allan has shared some of the photographs from the book with us here, and the book also provides you with recipes from many of the countries he visited. Gotta love it–travel, adventure, photography and FOOD.Vera Marie BadertscherA Traveler's Library
Two wheels, three years and countless forks in the road. The book's content and first-hand experiences also provides a multimedia platform to continue with a body of work that brings his trip to life, and enables him to share meaningful stories and insights through keynote speaking. Allan is also creating a community of motorcyclists, adventurers and culinary travelers to share discoveriesErick MottCreator Base
His solo journey is chronicled in his incredible book introducing readers to not just the imagery of the experience, but the flavors as well. Part travel journal and part cookbook, Allan offers a rich and textured presentation of his travels as they unfolded.Christophe NealExpedition Portal
Allan Karl is a naturally vibrant explorer of roads, continents, people, and cuisine. His full-color book reflects this vibrance with photos of the people he meets and the food he is offered. You're going to want it!Carla KingMisadventures Media
All of us at Overland International love a good travel epic and Allan Karl may have provided us with one of our favorite stories of the year. Crushed by the challenges of the daily grind, Allan loaded up his motorcycle and embarked on a three year, 62,000 mile expedition around the globe. His adventure is chronicled in his first book, Forks, taking readers on his journey with a stunning collecting of photographs, travel anecdotes, and recipes from the road.Christophe NoelOverland International
A unique story about a unique motorcycle rider named Allan Karl, how his leap of faith led to him amazing cultural discoveries and experiences from around the world, and a new project that has evolved from this in the form of a book.Eric LangeRide Adventures
Allan Karl “imagined a world of friendly people as eager as I am to learn, share and connect.” When he returned home, he struggled to find the best way to share the journey with others. “It finally hit me over a dinner with friends: I thought about the connections I made with new friends and the meals and stories we had shared — together.Carla KingPBS MediaShift
A worthwhile book. There are many books out there that deal with motorcycle riding, adventure riding, discovering new countries and there are many cook books out there. But to my knowledge there are no books that deal with all these aspects, all in one book. Until now.Mike WernerBikes In The Fast Lane
For the past three years, Allan Karl has been dashing around the world on his BMW F650 Dakar, gathering photos, learning languages, and—most importantly—taking notes on the culinary delights that he’s found. The end result of his crowd-funded journey is his new book FORKS, which details the ride and the best 35 recipes he found in the dozens of countries he visited.Nick GoddardMetzeler Ride Experience
Forks: 3 Years, 5 Continents. The book, in his words, has been "... a project of passion--and a labor of love--a lot more work than I ever imagined.Basem Motorcycles
There Are No strangers When You Are Riding Around The World. Only Friends You Haven’t Met.Cyril HuzeCyril Huze Post
Around-the-world motorcycle adventure comes alive in FORKS. A new full-color book by Allan Karl.Chris KranzlerBikerNet
Three Years. Five Continents. One Motorcycle. That's the mission that one man, Allan Karl, set out on a few years back. He set out on an around-the-world adventure, returning with stunning photos, tasty recipes and inspiring stories that he wrapped up in a beautiful coffee table book.Patrick FlynnThe Bullitt
“One of my big things is how important it is to be curious. When we’re curious, we ask more questions, and we’re more open to experiences. When we’re open, we tend to recognize how much we can learn and experience and get rewards out of life. But, you don’t have to travel around the world to do great things.” He also said how important it is to push your own boundaries and constantly try new things.Dan Del FererroOMNOMCT
[FORKS] is a delight for the eyes, the imagination, for the heart, and to bask in what it must have felt like to share these experiences with people all over the world. The pages are full of gorgeous pictures, and the unique cuisine of each country. These are the tales of a man who got to follow his passions. Laura FriedkinSan Francisco Book Review
You should not skip a single page of this book. Every one has a story (Allan Karl is a brilliant story teller. It’s a documentary of a man who ignored everyone who told him he was crazy, traded in the life he was supposed to have, and saw the world in a way few do. Forks aren’t just something we eat with. They are points at which we make decisions, and his have given us a rich, vibrant portrait of the world, its residents, and their foods.JJ VincentThe Good Men Project
Author Allan Karl wanted an adventure. So he got on his motorbike and took off. Five continents, 35 countries, 40 recipes, and three years later, he ended up with one book. Forks: a Quest for Culture, Cuisine and Connection is his bound collection of the culture, cuisine, and experiences he found along the way. Here's a taste of Karl's journey packed with insight and even some recipes to inspire you to hit the road.Outside MagazineOutside Magazine
This is a wonderfully colorful book, 264 pages, incredible color photography, fascinating stories of travel, recipes that will make your mouth water. This is where this book transcends the usual travel memoir. It is a book about meaningful or purposeful travel that brings cultures together and the sharing of a meal.D. Brent MillerSojourn Chronicles
“It just takes a little planning,” Karl says. “The main thing about is to have an open mind – it’s not really about how fast or far you go, it’s about what you see.” He sounded almost zen-like as he said it, despite—maybe because of—the considerable discomfort he experienced along the way. Karl has just published Forks: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, and Connection, a book of recipes and photographs he accumulated during his adventure, and many of the stories he included speak to the agony and ecstasy of his trip.Hannah ElliottFORBES
His travels solidified his belief in the goodness of people everywhere. Allan experienced kindness and hospitality at almost every turn. These deep connections with strangers were what encouraged him to continue on, and eventually tell his story.Don ArgentoBMW Motorycle Assocation Owners News
The concept is brilliant and the execution is gorgeous. Buy this book! I want to be a World Rider like Allan Karl! David DoanePhilosFX
Readers need to come hungry, a little bored and perhaps even jaded. FORKS will snap you out of your frightened, frozen reverie and plant the seed of wander- and the rest of the -lusts that are likely missing from your life right now. I want to go with him on his next adventure. Wherever and however that is. How very alive he must feel!Patty SofferBusiness is about one thing: People
…a stunning photographic ensemble of humanity, geography and all things green, growing and…resilient to the max, Allan has also demonstrated what I believe to my core: connections made around the table transcend difference of beliefs, nationalities, and ethnicity.Eileen McDarghThe Resiliency Group
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