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Three Years. Five Continents. One Motorcycle.

Culture. Cuisine. Connection.

FORKS brings the world to your table:

An around-the-world adventure story.
A colorful photo book.
A global cookbook.


Why would someone sell nearly everything he owns, then pack up and travel for three years—alone—on a motorcycle?

One day Allan Karl woke up to discover that he was unemployed and his marriage of seven years had ended in divorce. Instead of falling into the trap of negativity, Allan looked at the forks in the road of his life as an opportunity to both follow a life-long dream and pursue his passions.

He hopped on his motorcycle and traveled around the world. After three years and 62,000 miles of riding, through 35 countries on 5 continents, he returned home only to set out on another journey—in search of the best way to share the truths he’d uncovered and the lessons learned during his adventure around the world.

The most important? That even though he set out on his journey alone, he was never alone. If he was ever lost, lonely, or hungry, he would turn around and always find someone there.

The real truth is that it’s easy to connect with people—humanity—even in the most challenging situations. Like when he was ordered into the Colombian jungle at gunpoint, or when he crushed his leg in the middle of nowhere in Bolivia, or how he had to beg the governments of Syria and Sudan to let him across their borders.

Between the pages of FORKS, Allan shares the discoveries, cultures, and connections he made on this global adventure. Through stories, color photos, and the flavors of real local food in 40 global recipes, FORKS brings his adventure to life and the world to your table: the kindness of strangers, the beauty of humanity, the colors of culture, and the powerful gift of human connection.

Every photograph, story, and recipe in FORKS: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, and Connections presents readers with an opportunity to witness new cultures, taste exotic flavors, or journey into dangerous and unknown territories. Every experience is an opportunity to connect with others.

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