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You can find and order FORKS: A Quest for Culture, Cuisine, and Connection at any major or independent bookstore in the US and Canada and at many locations overseas.

We cannot keep track of every location that stocks and has current inventory of FORKS. However, we love to meet booksellers, motorcycle shop owners, boutique stores, gourmet foods shops, wine stores and many others who are intriqued and fascinated by FORKS and are selling our book in their store. When we do come across these legendary retailers, we try to make a point to include them on our website.

So if you want to connect with a forward thinking retailers who I’ve (that right, me: Allan) met during my travels, then take a quick search through those retailers that I know are stocking (or have stocked) FORKS Iin the past.

This is by no means a final list. In fact, most Barnes & Noble retailers across the USA stock FORKS. But these locations I’ve personally visited and shared stories and talked to the people working and shopping there.

So take a moment. Perhaps there’s a store in your neighborhood that has FORKS. Go visit and tell them “I know Allan, too!”

Thanks for taking the time:

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